Monday, May 21, 2007

Bogus Bogle

I think this is the kind of Merlot that got slagged in the movie "Sideways". The Bogle Vineyards, Merlot, California, 2004 is light red in the glass (you can see through it) and was very disappointing on first taste. I was going to give it a "crap" rating and use it as a drain cleaner. However, since it was the only bottle of wine I had on me, I waited and gave it another chance. It was initially light bodied and tart, but with bit of oxygenation it plumped up a bit. It turned into an easy drinking quaffer, I gave it a final rating of just "OK". Value - terrible value at $15-20 a bottle. Not worth it unless this is your style of wine....
ps. I thought the scene in "Sideways" when Sandra Oh beat the crap out of that twit with her motorcycle helmet was hilarious - he deserved every last whack...



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