Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lizard Soup

It happened again. Koko bought a wine because she loved the label...a buying policy that I do not generally recommend . This buying strategy often leads to being stuck with a lousy wine. This wine is a Carignane (better known as Carignan in France and Carinena in Spain), a high yielding grape variety which generally makes unspectacular wines but can, with old vines and in the right hands, be made into a good wine.
Alas, not to be with this one. The Chameleon, North Coast, Carginane, 2005 is an insipid sipper. Too bad, the nose is fruity enough, but it is light bodied and hollow on the palate. Kind of reminds me of a mediocre beaujolais.
Complete waste of money at US$17, unless you collect interesting labels!


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