Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Every now and then I open a bottle of wine with no particular expectation and am rewarded with that first sip that screams "wow". Well, it happens this is my 100th post to this blog and not even realizing it I have opened a cracker of a wine. I expected the Concha y Toro, Marques de Casa Concha, 2004, Merlot, Pneumo to be a your usual well made but ho-hum Chilean wine. Nope. Not a chance. This reeks of class. The nose is restrained, doesn't give much away, but once on the mouth, it massages the taste and olfactory buds with plushness. Full bodied with silky, well integrated tannins, this is very enjoyable now and will be for years...but why wait?
This is what I was expecting from their more prestigious Terrunyo bottling (which happened to be a Carmenere) , but the latter is frankly disappointing compared to this beauty. Wow, and only $20. Buy it all.


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