Sunday, March 25, 2007


When I think of the term "ripped" I think of my buddy Joel with his shirt off, flexing his ample muscles. It is a term I think meant to display power and bruteness. So what do I expect from the Hope, Shiraz, The Ripper, 2004? I expect it to be ripped! Instead, it is a thick, seductive, in your face fruit jam explosion. I initially did not like it...I prefer a little more complexity (well, ok, a lot more complexity) in a wine. It did however, grow on me (hence the seduction). Koko liked it right away, no seducing neccessary. Berry jam. It took me 3 hours to choke back half a bottle of this stuff because this is a real sipper - you just can't guzzle it. Got it! - Raspberry jam.
I am not a big fan of numbered wine rating schemes (what on earth is the difference between an "88" and an "89'??) but I can kind of see why 2 critics gave this one an screams richness and opulence but you just can't put it into that "excellent" or "classic" category of is just too jammy. Good luck pairing this with food.
So, I give reluctantly give this a "good", and am torn as to value...I guess it is worth the $20. I'll buy another so you can try it...
Oh, did I mention - this is really jammy!


At 7:59 p.m. , Blogger Ken & Theresa Hoggins said...

Hi Crush,

I know you do not like the number system, but it can serve as a good tool. For years I have been averaging the scores from the major trade resources. When 2 or 3 reviewers rate a wine Very Good or Better it is probably a safe bet. I have found this sytem to work very well.



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