Friday, February 09, 2007


Every now and then I "discover" a wine gem completely by chance. I think this is one of those times. Petit Verdot is an uncommon grape to find as an unblended wine these days. It is a late ripening grape that, in the right circumstances, can produce rich tannic wines. It is used for blending in Bordeaux but there are a few wineries in California and Australia that bottle it pure. The Pirramimma, McLaren Vale, Reserve Petit Verdot, 1999 is a black, dense effort. Look at the stained cork. A somewhat restrained nose belies the tannic whack on the palate. Ah, but tannins in the good sense - thick, chewy and mouth coating (they also coat your tongue and teeth black!). This is not an oaky, vanillin wine - I think the tannins come naturally from the must itself. Long finish too. This is seriously good wine - I give it a "wow" rating. I'm sure it could easily last another 10 years. Value? this is great at $22. The only downer? I only bought 2 bottles about 4 years hoo.


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