Friday, January 12, 2007

Middleweight Shootout

This is what it is all about - good value midweek wines, because, honestly, we're not going to drink those $50 specials every night (unless of course you are filthy rich....). These four all cost about $13-14 and I'll tell you straight out, they are worth it. All are very new world up front fruity style, eminently drinkable as winter sippers.
The best of the bunch is the Cremaschi Furlotti, Cab Sauvignon, Reserve, 2003, it is the most full bodied with a nice backbone of tannin. A good wine, simply wonderful for the price. Next best I would say is the Trivento, Syrah, Oak Barrel Aged, 2004. Medium-full bodied, also has some tannins. It is a tie for "last" place (there is no last place in this bunch...), the Pascual Toso, Syrah, 2005 is a jammy fruit bomb, no sign of oak in this one. The Santa Carolina, Barrica Selection, Carmenere, 2004 has an oaky nose courtesy of "long maturation in barrels" as it says on the label. This gives it a more complex palate than the Toso. It benefits from decanting.
All these wines are "GOOD". Buy with confidance for mid-week quaffing!


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