Sunday, December 17, 2006

D to the Power of Three

Deep, dark, delicious. Those are my kinds of wine. The Errazuriz, Estate Carmenere, 2003 blows that wimpy australian grenache pretender from yesterday away. Read the front label - "exotic and spicy, full bodied, damson and blackberry fruit" - I agree with all except I don't really know what "damson" is supposed to taste like - I think it is a type of plum, and this wine doesn't taste like any kind of plum I've eaten. Anyway, I'll put up with the hyperbole because the only criticism I have about this black beauty is the lack of vanillin to add some oaky complexity. It spent 7 months in barrels that were probably as old as me!! When I see black corks like this my tastebuds tingle...
This is a GOOD wine, and very good value at $15 a pop. Try the reserve series (also comes in cabernet, merlot, etc) from this winery - even if they aren't as good as this one, they will probably be better than that aussie wine for the same price... (ouch!).


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