Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Dfference in Fortunes....

Nice script on the labels. Looks fancy, huh? Well these two Chileans are not expensive - they come in at about 14 bucks a bottle. One's a Cab, the other a Merlot. One's from Lontue, the other Maule. One's "organic", the other's not. One came highly recommended, the other didn't. One's good, the other isn't!

The La Fortuna, Merlot, 2005 is plain and simple, a plain and simple wine. Bright fruit, and not much else. Not a whole lot of fun to drink. Gets an "OKAY". Thumbs down for value. Will never buy this again. Why it got a good critical review is a mystery to me.

The Cremaschi Furlotti, Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 is plain and simple, a good wine. Has the fruit but also depth and some tannins. I've had this producer's cab and carmenere before in previous vintages, I always buy at least 6 bottles and have yet to be disappointed. Gets a solid "GOOD" and the double play - "GOOD" for value also.



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