Friday, September 29, 2006


Whew. Black as ink in the glass. Closed nose, but smells inky. It whacks the palate with tannins, tastes austere and here comes the ink again. The Mas des Bressades, Cuvee Excellence, Costieres du Nimes, 2004 is no lightweight. It is tough going by itself but food cuts it down to a manageable level. This is serious stuff, very well made.
I like it.
Koko's comment: "it's got that thickness..."
The verdict: GOOD.
Value: Definitely there at 18 bucks a pop. Why they have to charge double this for a similar weight wine from bordeaux is a mystery. (actually, it's not - it's simply a price gouge!).

PS: This is not a date wine - it stains your teeth BLACK!!!



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