Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bush Wine, continued

The Spanish "Bistro Mundo" non-vintage tetrapak was similar to the Italian effort (see previous post). A shade above "crap".
The French package was simply awful, real bubble gum cheap nose and palate, very simple, would not recommend, rates a solid "crap".
Since all these Bistro Mundo wines are the same price, if you have to buy them (and there is no real reason to buy them in the city), stick to the argentinian version.
By the way, we ran out of wine on day 5 or 6...we lost another tetrapak to "burst failure" in a canoe barrel somehow.

Here is a picture of the northern lights I took. Unfortunately, by that night we were dry!!!

And this is what we were doing in the middle of nowhere - having fun!!!

CHEERS! (ps if all the pictures are not open, click on the boxes and they will open :)


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