Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Tried a "weekday" wine today and am pleasantly surprised. This is a South African effort that is damn cheap. It can be found in the regular listing section at the LCBO in ontario, so should be easy to find (if you live in ontario!!! ha ha). The KWV Roodeberg, 2003 is quite brick coloured in the glass, looks like an old mature Bordeaux. Restrained nose. On the palate it whacks you right away with a meaty, beefy, spicy medium bodied mildly tannic mouthful. Quite nice and a brisk departure from the typical new world jammy style - this could easily pass for a mid priced french or italian effort. The verdict: solid GOOD. Value: Excellent, if memory serves me correct (the old iron chef excuse!!), at $12 or so.



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