Thursday, June 29, 2006


This world cup thing has me on edge - who will win the quarter finals?? Italy I hope loses - such a blatant engineered last minute penalty kick. I would be ashamed to claim such a victory (I'm serious about that - I would disown my own team if they did that). It's amazing how the mind works - I was sniffing around in the "cellar" for something to drink, was thinking of a Nippozano, but something mentally made me keep browsing - I settled on the Crios, Susanna Balbo, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2003. I then realized that I was so disappointed with the Italians, that I purposely skipped their wine....
So, what about the Crios? - I have had their Malbec before, and thought it pretty good. But, initially it was blahhhh..., not too exciting, pretty thin on the palate. After scarfing a pizza it perked up, and finished quite well, kinda like a mouth coating cherry cola. Koko said it finished like a "good stout" beer, whatever that means. She liked it.
The verdict: OK by itself, good with food.
Value: can't complain at $14.

Cheers, and lets hope Shevchenko delivers justice (belatedly) for the Australians.


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Excellent, love it! » » »


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