Friday, June 09, 2006

Mixed Feelings

I love this picture - Taylor 40 year old tawny, Montesodi '01, and Beaucastel '88. An amazing evening, was actually a 40th birthday celebration! Brings back good memories.

Which brings me to tonight's glass, ergo the mixed feelings. I love Zinfandel, buy it all the time, but the Dry Creek Vineyards, 2001, Heritage Clone Zinfandel from Sonoma is very disappointing. They graft buds from "century old vines" to new rootstock and pretend it works. It doesn't. This is an insipid non-descript wine totally undeserving of it's nice packaging. The verdict - kind of "OK", verging on crap. Value - don't go anywhere near it, not worth the $15 it cost.

Here's to good memories instead, cheers!!