Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Beer Week Number Two

Just returned from a week in Puerto Rico. Wasn't what I expected - was better. This moderate sized carribbean island has a bit of everything - one of the oldest towns in the americas (the old town is well preserved), tons of beaches (some absolutely deserted), diving and mountains with awesome rainforests. The people are extremely friendly.
Above is part of the walls of old San Juan.

Here is a view from the tallest mountain in P.R., always seems cloudy up there.

Well, you ask, what does this all have to do with a wine blog? Not much, coz guess what we drank all week - it was 95F so we drank beer!!!
The local brew is called MEDALLA, and it's a good crisp lighter style beer, goes down VERY easily when you've finished a 4 hour climb in a rainforest, and even easier after a 30 minute walk in a "dry" forest (translation: essentially a desert, too hot and arid to allow normal trees to grow so filled with cacti and scrub).
Above is a picture of Mr. Medalla, his wife and his friend MOFONGO...what is mofongo you ask? It is a regional dish, a concotion of mashed plantains served with just about anything. Here it is served with seafood.

Here is Mr & Mrs Medalla in the cordilla centrale, a view from our hotel room (the beautiful Hacienda Agripinas), where we were the only guests apart from a couple from San Juan.

Oh, yes, we did have wine once - on the last night in P.R. we attended a wedding in San Juan where they served Frontera, Cabernet Sauvignon, from Concha y Toro. I don't remember the year, it was an okay plain quaffer.

The Verdict: Medalla gets good, the wine okay.
The vacation gets a thumbs up. Congrats to the married couple, Anne and Anthony!!



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