Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beer Week

Well, just got back from a week with the boys down south. We drank mainly beer in the 90 degree heat, especially since my brother Dave "loves" beer. Unfortunately, he prefers Coors Lite.... Nevertheless, did discover a new beer that wasn't bad, Yuengling (or something like that), a lager brewed in Pittsburgh.
I did manage to sneak a bottle of wine in - we were cruising for some food at 11pm and the only store open was a massive Walmart. I don't normally patronize that slaveshop that underpays it's employees (and this one had a sign out "now hiring, 55 positions open"...unbelievable), but we had no choice if we wanted to buy breakfast stuff (and beer). They have a little wine section of little interest except for a few possibilities; one caught my eye, the Ravenswood Vintners Selection Zinfandel, 2004 mainly because it was listed at $8.99US. This wine normally sells for 20 bucks in canada so it was worth a shot. It was a pleasant, fruity, light bodied wine with nice berry undertones and essentially no tannins discernable. Went down quickly split amongst 3 beer rebels.
The verdict: OK.
Value: Good at 9 bucks, ridiculous at 20.
Tonight, felt like a meaty wine so cracked a bottle of Montes Cabernet Sauvignon, oak aged, 2004 from Chile. Not much on the nose but a nice medium weight palate, typical Cab berry flavours with mouth coating tannins.
The verdict: Good, a "premium" mid-week wine.
Value: In the $15-20 range, so good value for the money. Would buy more.



At 4:11 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually I'm partial to Granville Island Brewery's India Pale Ale, unfortunately Walmart in the South don't stock this Nectar of the Gods. So I sometimes have to settle for Coors Lite as a water substitute in the 85 degree heat.
Other notable summertime favorites are Alexander Keith's IPA and old reliable Kokanee.


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