Monday, March 20, 2006

The Old Routas

Well just got back from the last hockey game of the season and what's waiting? a nice glass (I hope!) of wine. I opened a Chateau Routas Infernet 2000. I remember having this wine years ago and remember it being deep and delicious, not the usual crappo wine from the south of France, so when I saw it in the shop I snapped up the last 2 bottles. Well, the euro can't be doing too well because the bottle was incredibly cheap considering the producer has had to store this wine for 5 years (or, alternatively, maybe the wine will be incredibly bad...). The wine is from the appelation Coteaux Varois and made from a blend of grenache and syrah.
Popping the cork released a restrained allspice nose. On the palate it is a middle weight wine, tasting of raspberry jam (the girlfriend got more of a spicy fruitcake sensation, something I wish she got more often....).
The ratings: OK, a perfectly good monday night wine.
Value for money: at $12.95, right on.



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