Monday, April 10, 2006

Wolf Blech

Time was when if Wolf-Blass was on the label, it was gonna be a fun wine to drink. Unfortunatley, since they were swallowed up in to conglomeratedom, the quality and fun factor has taken a turn for the worse. Now, I don't mean to say that Wolf Blass can't make good wine - they most certainly can, as their Black, Brown and Grey label wines clearly demonstrate. What has happened is that they have used their reputation to sell their cheaper wines to the unwary. What do I mean? well, the Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon used to be a no-brainer...pick up a bottle and enjoy. But, over the years, quality has declined - the typical Joe Blow still buys it thinking it is good, but in reality if you remember how good it really was, today's version is crap. But it still carries the yellow label...they should have sold this wine with a new colour label - maybe pink or something, then I wouldn't be able to complain about the marketing ploy. So, if you want a good W-B wine, drop the money and buy their best stuff.
The 2004 version has NO nose, and not much on the palate ("maybe a little bit of oak" was the girlfriends verdict). Barely passable, boring, nothing to bring you back to the glass.
The Verdict: crap.
Value for money: at $18.95, it's a joke.



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