Thursday, June 01, 2006

Headache Medicine

What do YOU do when you arrive home at 10pm after a brain sapping day of work??
I crack open a bottle of red magic and have a glass or two of really does extend your life expectancy, you know. Grabbed the Vina Maipo, Carmenere Reserva 2004 and gave it a shot. Ooooh, such gorgeous texture in a dense black chewy wine, full of fruit (this is not "pointless" fruit like in some wines I have complained about in the past). And to think this grape was almost driven into extinction. 'nuf said.
Too bad Koko isn't here to share it, maybe I'll have her glass...
The verdict: Good.
Value: can't beat it - a GREAT mid-week wine, can't believe it only cost $13 (shudda bought more!).