Friday, June 16, 2006

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Drinking this while watching the Holland-Ivory Coast game on videotape (old school, I know, but it works!!! and so does this old school wine which we are drinking!). This is quite the match - the dutch looked like they were running away with it, but the africans are now dominating. We just finished watching Argentina destroy Serbia, maybe should have had an argie wine instead to toast them...

This wine, the Chateau L'Hospitalet, Reserve, La Clape, 2003 is a beauty. Smoky deep nose, dark and brooding in the glass, chewy fruit with underlying smoked meat flavours. 2003 was a very hot year in Europe, many of the producers were able to make ripe concentrated wines.
The verdict: Koko likes it, wants to give it close to a "wow". I give it a solid "good".
Value: Excellent at $19. Will buy more if I can find it.


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