Friday, June 09, 2006

Stickin' with Zin

I can't let one bad zin ruin a week, so went one notch upscale with the "no wimpy wines" guys from Ravenswood. I still think Rosenblum makes better zins, but unfortunately didn't have any around. The wine opened tonight was their 2001 Amador County Old Vine Zin, which, if you believe their website, is "the most distinctive zin" in california. Wellll, if you're gonna say something like that, the goods had better deliver. There is absolutely nothing distinctive about this wine, although I do agree with their cherry cola analogy. It's hard to believe that this wine spent 18 months in oak barrels, and even harder to believe that some of these barrels were new (after the 5th sip I can kinda taste some french oak... but just kinda...). It is a smooth but tart effort, really nothing special. However, Koko likes it.
The verdict: it's an okay wine, trying really hard to be good (the "koko factor", but just doesn't make it. Value: Not there at $24. I won't be buying any more, and neither should you. Don't support this kind of marketing.