Monday, June 26, 2006

Beer Weekend!

Grand Prix weekend just finished in Montreal and the world cup rolls on...what could be better!

My beer swilling brother and his brother in law were in town for the festivities, which meant, well, lots of beer swilling. Nothing like a Dutch Saxon from Essex to enrich the coffers of the breweries. Loads of fun had by all (especially by Mark the Saxon, since "anybody but Schumacher" won and Beckham finally bent one in).

I still prefer that classic Canadian beer, Molson Export but my guests leaned towards the Black Label - a forgotten brand, but still enjoyable (Robbie said "wow, Black Label, haven't had it in years....damn, it's good).

Opened a Mexican (yes, Mexican) wine tonight to salute the valiant effort Mexico put in to almost subdue those perennial cheaters, the Argentinian football team on the weekend. At least it was a nice winning goal. The L.A. Cetto, Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 is from Baja, south of california. This is a hot peninsula but the vineyards are on the western side and are cooled by the pacific (I've driven past the vineyards and the coast here was downright chilly in June whereas the interior and eastern side was sweltering). They are actually some of the oldest (if not the oldest) vineyards in North America, believe it or not. Anyways, this one has a not unpleasant "winey" aroma. On the palate it is dry, not really tannic, has an undercurrent of blackberries but aches for food. The verdict: a solid "OK" wine. Value: OK at $12. Make sure you drink it with burgers, sausages or a pizza.