Thursday, July 13, 2006

Portugese Faker

The world cup is long over but there are subtle reminders...this portugese wine for instance came highly rated - it is from the Douro valley, renowned for making dense, chewy, ageworthy ports. This wine, the Porca de Murca, Douro Reserve, 2001 Tinto has the right pedigree - uses port grapes, is from a good producer, has good packaging & the obligatory "gold medal" on the bottle, is called a "reserve" wine, hey, a pretty good buildup. is actually a very average table wine. I'm not even going to describe the wine, it is that ordinary. What I call a faker. Kind of reminds me of Figo or Ronaldo. The Verdict: OK. Value: here's the rub - if cost 8 bucks like most portugese plonk, I have no problem with it. For $19, this is a fake.

Buy wisely! CHEERS!


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