Saturday, September 23, 2006


Imagine what I'm expecting when I read this:

"a top drop that is very well priced. Plum compote and minty aromas form the entry to this medium-bodied red. A generous fruit attack is spearheaded by Montmorency cherry, ripe cranberry and red currant. There is a lengthy and well balanced finishthat cries out for a cuisine match of grilled lamb tenderloin slathered with garlic. "

Well, I'm getting sick of these damn critics. They waste my money (and yours too...). What the hell is montmorency cherry anyway??? and a wine is supposed to taste like them?

This wine, the Penmara Reserve Shiraz, 2003 is, simply put, disappointing. Their 2001 was good, and I thought I'd try the new release, especially since those that purport to know liked it. It is insipid, VERY medium bodied, lightly fruity, no tannins, no sign of oak...NOT what I expect from an Aussie shiraz and a real lightweight. We tried it with a spiced garlic roast pork and after one sip ditched it for the rest of the deep dark and delicious Italian wine left over from last night. This wine just cannot stand up to food. Ok, enuf said. The verdict: "OK", but for value, gets the CRAP award for the week. At $19, simply a waste of money.



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