Friday, January 26, 2007

Ho Hum

3 wines, different grapes, one with nice "packaging", another with a nice label, and the third kinda ugly. All from South America. From Argentina, the Casa de Campo, Cepas Privadas, Malbec 2004 is a simple malbec, very plain jane...I give it an "OK" with basically a thumbs down for value even at only $13. There are more interesting wines out there for that price. Next up, the Chilcas, Ranch Vineyards, Cab-Syrah 2003 states on it's label "our finest handmade and oak aged wine from the best individual vineyards of our San Rafael estates". Quite the statement, and the packaging is good - a shaped bottle, nice front label and even a little neck-job label with a cute string. Too bad it is a very average wine, I rate it "OK", not worth commenting more. Crap for value at $15. Last, the Veramonte, Merlot Reserva, 2004 from the Casablanca valley in Chile is a "GOOD" wine. Rich, solid fruit, medium-full bodied and warranted another purchase at $15.


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