Saturday, January 20, 2007

Buy It All!!

I don't know how these guys do it. They produce the best wine for a quality:price ratio for a wide range of varietals and blends over the several years I have been drinking them. The Finca Flichman Expresiones Reserve Shiraz-Cabernet 2004 from Argentina is simply put a superb wine - a $15.75 "wow" of an effort. It has a beautiful plush mouthfeel, intense but complex flavours, yummy soft open bottle sure doesn't last long. The only criticism I have is that is clocks in at a whopping 15% alcohol, which limits the amount you can enjoy.
I also picked up the latest release of their Reserva, Malbec, oak aged, 2005 which is a fine effort itself, but not as complex and plush as the expresiones. This is a solid "good" wine, also excellent value at $12.95.


At 4:07 p.m. , Blogger Patti said...

I recently tried Huarpe's Winery Selection, ($17.99) liked it a lot and can't find it in MA or RI. It's a blend of Malbec and Cab. Any suggestios of "WOW" wines under $20 that blend these 2 grapes?

At 10:55 a.m. , Blogger Le grand said...

look for clos de andes


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