Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Three Toros To Go

When I saw the Concha y Toro, Marques de Casa Concha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pneumo, 2005 I had to have one to compare with the merlot and syrah I recently tasted. Unfortunately, this one was an '05 and the others were '04's.
Anyway, this is another well made effort. It is classic cabernet, cassis on the nose, dry and tannic on the palate. Medium bodied. It got better as it opened up. Finish is a bit short. I give it a "good", but it is not in the same ballpark as the '04 merlot and not as good as the syrah. OK for value at $20, this will be a good food wine.
Of interest, here is a picture of the three corks. Guess which was by far the best wine (in my most humble opinion...). Yup, the black cork was the merlot. The weakest stained cork was the cab. Hey, I didn't expect it to end this way - but this is no sissy merlot.
Well, there you have it. Buy as much of the merlot as you can find! If you can't find it, buy the syrah. If you can't find that, the cab won't disappoint you.



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