Friday, April 20, 2007

More Casa Concha

Boo hoo. Tried to buy more of the Casa Concha Merlot today, but it's all gone...that kinda happens to good stuff at a good price. Rats. Well, at least they had the Syrah from the same year and the Cab from 2005. So, time to give the Concha y Toro, Marques de Casa Concha, Syrah, 2004, Pneumo a whirl. This is another seriously good wine, but it's main problem is that it is not as good as the Merlot. Damn. This is a medium bodied, very tasty, moderately tannic, blackberry, leathery effort that lacks the complexity and plushness of the Merlot. Strange, eh? I would have thought the Syrah would have outweighed the Merlot. Anyways, what do I know? The Wine Spectator gave the Syrah a "91" and the Wine Enthusiast gave the Merlot a "90."
Oh, and the Koko factor - she preferred the Syrah too!! Eeek.
Well, I stick to my guns (ie. my palate) and give this a "Good". And it's definitely worth buying more at $20 a pop.


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