Saturday, May 19, 2007

In Flight Harmony

Talk about a surprise. While flying back from the UK on British Airways I received a pleasant surprise. I was served the best wine I have ever received at 30,000 feet (except when I manage to luck out and fly first class). The Pepperwood Grove, Syrah, 2005 from California immediately hit the right spot on the first sip. It was a full bodied, oaky effort that kept me wanting to drink more...
Kudos to BA for serving this style of wine on a long distance flight - I am used to more generic, insipid affairs that are easy drinkers and able to please the masses. However, don't get me wrong - the Pepperwood is made to please and not too complex, but I think it's targeted for a more seasoned crowd than cattle class in the back of the airbus. So, a solid "good" for this wine. A quick search on the internet yields an under $10 US price, so I think it is solid value.


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