Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Serious and Fun

I'm on a bit of a roll trying Tuscan wines, and tonights effort is the highly rated Tenuta Sette Ponti, Crognolo, Toscana, 2004. A shy nose - just a hint of cedar and blackberry - leads into a rather full bodied, chewy, tannic wine. The fruit is initially hidden but the blackberries emerge on the mid palate after the wine airs out a little. Medium finish. This is serious wine, very old world. Very good, but it just didn't scream out "wow"...maybe with a few more years under it's belt it will. I think I'll buy a few more and wait and see. Fair value at $30.

Now for a more fun wine - the oddly named Rolf Binder, Hales, Barossa Valley Shiraz, 2005. I didn't really get anything on the nose but it explodes on the palate with soft, juicy raspberries and blackberries followed by a little bit of mil k chocolate. Lush but not very complex. There's probably few people who would dislike this wine - and that's its fault. It's just too middle of the road, a "safe" style - I call them "dime-a-dozen" wines. Good, but wouldn't buy it again now that I know what it tastes like.



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