Friday, November 09, 2007


15.5%. Fifteen freakin' point five percent. This is getting obscene.
The Water Wheel, 2005 Bendigo Shiraz was initially disappointing. Nick, whose nose I trust, rated it a bargain and gave it 96 points on the winespider scale. I greedily opened the screwcap and was greeted, nothing. No nose. "What's going on here?", I think. 30 minutes later after a bite of roasted cow flesh I think I begin to understand. Ah, this baby is a food wine. The acidic, tannic, puckering (but still medium bodied?*#!!) wine smooths right out. Actually becomes enjoyable.
2 hours later the nose starts jumping out of the glass - a combination of plums and trevelez ham. On the palate there's violets stewing with the plums. Now it's rich and full bodied with a medium long finish but marred by the heat of the alcohol. Now I think I really understand - this is a wine that needs to sit and open up before drinking. Or maybe wait a couple of years before opening it up.
So, I rate it a "good" wine, and interesting enough to be worth the $20 entry. I just wish they could lower the EtOH level a touch....


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