Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not So Friendly...

These two guys should be similar - they are after all siblings, only 2 years apart, and they have exactly the same tasting notes on the back label.
They must think we're stupid or something.
I had two vintages of the Elderton, Friends, Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon - 2003 and 2005. I thought it would be fun to blindly see if I could figure out which was which - I thought this would be tough as the style of the wine should be consistent (why else use the same label and tasting notes??).
These two tasted nothing like each other. The 2003 was oodles better than the 2005 - the nose was full and rich - lots of cedar - I immediately knew I'd like it. Full bodied and tannic but not chewy; bright almost tart cherries. Good finish. A good wine, worth the $20.
The 2005 was very aromatically challenged - faint black fruit (really faint). Medium bodied, chalky with cough syrup and licorice notes and a short finish. A little less cough syrup the next day, but not much better. Not a crap wine, but not in the same league as the '03. Ugh. Save your money.
I smell the marketing rat - lower the quality but use the same package, run away with the profits... but lets wait and see if the trend continues at this vineyard before passing final judgement (ie. we'll check out the 2006 next year...). Please please don't follow the Wolf-Blass yellow label/Rosemount diamond label trend!


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