Saturday, August 11, 2007


Why oh why do they make wines like this? And why do the marketing gurus keep fooling us with their rhetoric?
Case in point: The Flagstone, Dragon Tree 2005 from South Africa is touted as the "holy grail" of Cape reds for it's winemaker (I won't embarrass him by giving you his name) and is a blend of 6 grapes that apparently changes each year. The wine shop (the LCBO) calls it a "rich red that features smoky plum, blackberry, spice, tobacco, leather and vanilla characteristics" and their critic rated it highly and recommended it as a sipper. The packaging is catchy and fancy with a ritzy screwtop and an artsy label.
Well, where do I start? This wine is just not very good. Deep colour, yes, aromatic nose, yes (I thought it was a cab by it's nose), but after this it is all downhill. It is quite tart, almost sour on the palate - very little fruit or depth. It was just not very enjoyable. I even considered pouring it down the sink. So, I oscillated between calling it "crap" or just "OK". Perhaps the 6 grape blend is more of "we have x, y and z left, lets throw it in a fancy bottle with a, b and c and let the marketing monster make us some money..."
But it is a waste of money even at only $16 per bottle.
Beware of the "marketing monster"!!!

HA!! speak of the devil - Koko just emailed me a link that alludes to the marketing monster doing his trick....
you gotta cut thru this BS and call it as you see it.....


At 12:30 p.m. , Blogger Kiyoko Gotanda said...

big fish big fish!! You need a catch all name (besides crap) for the ones you pour down the drain. Can you return it to the LCBO?


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