Sunday, July 08, 2007

Philips On Vacation

Sampled two cheap but enjoyable California twins from the R.H.Philips family of wines in the sunny climes of Barbados last week. These wines are from the Dunnigan Hills region and are quite different - definitely not identical twins.
First up was the Syrah, 2004, rolling in with faint blackberries on the nose and a warm, smooth, meaty, boiled-beetroot-meets-blueberries palate. A little leather in there too, just like a good syrah should have. A good sipping wine. Yeah, it's commercial, but this means they'll sell loads for the price - I paid 10 bones duty-free for it.
Next up was their Cabernet Sauvignon, 2003. A hint of green peppers on the nose, this is a medium bodied, light blackberry, spicy wine. More elegant and refined than the beefy syrah. Quite pleasant - also good and worth the 10 bucks.



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