Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not A Lot

I've yet to find a very good wine closed by one of those fake plastic corks. Although not intuitive, this is in contrast to screwtops, of which I have had a few good ones.
The Concha y Toro, Winemakers Lot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pirque vineyard, 2005 continues the trend. Nice packaging leads to a pleasant blackberry palate, but it's a little austere with a moderately tannic mouthfeel. Leaves the mouth quite dry. It did better with food.
I initially waffled between "OK" and "good" but ended up giving it a "good" rating because of it's food performance.
However, there's really no reason to buy it at $16 a bottle because for a few bucks more you can buy the Marques de la Casa Concha lineup of wines from the same producer - and these latter wines are clearly superior. If I was the winemaker, I'd put my name on the Casa Concha bottles, not this one!



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