Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tannic Toro

Today's wine is from the Toro region in Spain. It is made from a grape called Tinto de Toro, which is apparently a relative of that workhorse Spanish grape, Tempranillo.
This wine was aged in both very large oak barrels ("foudres") and the smaller 225l barrique bordelais ("crianza" literally means "aged" in Spanish, and wines with this moniker must be aged at least 2 years before being sold, with a minimum of 6 months in oak). I don't think any of this oak was anywhere near new on tasting the Bajoz, Tinta de Toro, Crianza, 2003. I'd say it was aromatically challenged (no distinct aromas), and on the palate it felt structured but on the tannic side, quite austere with no discernible fruit showing. I thought it would be a good food wine, would probably do well matched to BBQ fare.
So, a well made wine, just not very enjoyable as a sipper. OK for value at $16.



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