Saturday, October 27, 2007

Marquee Wine

I’ve heard good things about Marquis-Philips wines, they have a reputation of being full-blown, in-your-face efforts that win major points when it comes to price:quality ratio. So I jumped when I saw their 2004 Shiraz, South Eastern Australia. Check the label out - whoaaa!!! 15.5%. That’s port-like alcohol content…what’s going on there?
On the nose it’s a strong field berry mix dominated by raspberries. Chunky and thick, the berries come back on the palate – raspberries and blackberries. The tannins are supple but ample. Wait an hour or two (or decant) and the fruit kinda fades - a more syrah-like leatheriness takes over. Forget about matching this one to food, just drink it by itself (or with dessert – no wait, make the wine the dessert!!). I like it, but my criticism is that it just feels unbalanced; another taster thought it was “brandy-like” (that’s probably the heat coming from the booze)
For these reasons, it clocks in as a “good” wine, not a “wow’. Fair value at $22. If you like the style, buy it.



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