Thursday, November 01, 2007

Joe Crap

Okay, this bottle caught my eye in the shop but intially discounted buying it as I thought once again that this was a wine that was relying on it's packaging instead of what's in the bottle. Curiosity nevertheless forced me to turn the bottle over and read the back label (..."this wine is serious"). Well, maybe I'm wrong...perhaps there are some honest wineries out there that make a good product and use fun packaging.
So, I plunk down my $16.98 and take it home. Anxiously (as I love "serious" wine) I quickly pour it into a glass for a sniff and immediately know that I made a mistake on purchasing this stuff when I catch a whiff of bubblegum. Aaaargh!! Sweet, almost cola-like on the palate, this is a short wine with no depth. Not a tannin in sight. So, the Joe Blow Wine Cellars, Red, 2005, California is the ultimate plonk, built for soft-drink lovers. It should cost $6 at bottle (that translates into $2 at Trader Joe's for you who live in the USA!). My rating: CRAP.

Just for fun I pulled out a bottle of my Dad's last home made Shiraz and did a blind head-to-head taste-off. Guess which wine won? 3 of 3 tasters preferred the home made stuff. Enough said.

I HATE MARKETING (when it's dishonest...)!!!



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