Thursday, October 16, 2008

Truck Crash

If you're in a shop and you see the two labels above, which intrigues you the most (and subliminally entices you to buy? This is what influences a lot a people in their wine choices. So, I'll join the crowd...the Red Truck, 2005 California Red Wine is definitely more compelling cosmetically. And when I saw it "on sale", from $20 to $13, I had to try it. Big mistake. This is a light bodied, slightly tart, cranberry cocktail. No finish at all. Crap wine.
The Sana Rita, Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserva, 2005 has a stodgy, traditional label but is much better. This is a dark wine with a pure cassis nose. This intense cassis is replayed on the palate with a mouthful of warm blackcurrant jam. If you want to see how cabernet sauvignon mimics blackcurrants, pick up a bottle of this. Good wine, a steal at $14. Not complex enough to earn a "wow" rating.
The Peter Lehmann, 2005 Barossa Shiraz received a 91 rating in the Wine Spectator and proudly shows this off with a small gold label on the bottle. This is medium bodied, much more refined than I expected with no jamminess at all. Not a plush style. It is warm and spicy with dark plums as the predominant fruit. Very nice, but not a "wow" as it should be with such a high peer rating. It is $5 too expensive at $25 (BC price).
Last up is the Penascal, Tempranillo, 2005 from Spain. This got 85 points (or "very good") and a "best buy" rating from that dreaded Wine Spectator. Well, it's got a fake cheap nose but a much cleaner palate with light, candied cherries. A very average wine, I rate it as "OK". No need to buy it at $12 a bottle. It would be an interesting party wine if it cost $5.



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