Thursday, September 04, 2008


Yup, they make wine in Mexico. I've actually driven by the only place I've seen wine from down there - in Baja, near the Pacific, although I didn't drop in for a tasting at the time. It's quite cool on the Pacific side up in the northern part of the peninsula, with the breeze coming off the ocean, quite the opposite of the hot, desert-like sea of Cortez side. Anyway, this was the most expensive Mexican wine I've had - the L.A. Cetto, Cabernet Sauvignon, Private Reserve, 2004, ringing in at $22. The nose is hiding somewhere (Carlo, did you find it yet?). Light in colour - you can see through it - this is made in an elegant, european style. Redcurrants, elderberries, a little simple at first but feels more complex with time. Not a sipper. It got three "OK's" and one "good", so in summary, not worth the money.
The starter wine was a great sipper - the Perez Cruz, Reserva, Limited Edition, Carmenere 2004. Chile makes richer wines than Mexico! Deep opaque purple with a rich plum compote nose. Full bodied fruit bomb, quite plummy. The koko factor: "a dusting of cocoa appears". Nice chewy finish. Borders on wow...worth the $26.
The "piece de resistance" was another bottle of Depardieu's Confiance (2003) - this remains one of my favourite wines and still rates a wow.
The Peter Lehman, The Futures, Shiraz, 2004 came with big expectations - it has been highly regarded in the wine press. Faint blackberry nose, it is a black wine. Tannic, it is almost harsh. The blackberry fruit is there, though. Closed, tight - needs time. It rates a "good" right now but will get better. $30.



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