Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Malbec!

The Ben Marco, Malbec, 2002 from Mendoza is made by Susana Balbo, one of the most accomplished winemakers in Argentina. She added 12% bonarda to this malbec and has produced an ageworthy wine. It has improved considerably since I last tried it about a year ago. This is an "aroma-bomb" with loads of warm caramel coated blackberries. On the palate it is spicy, there are red fruits (pomegranate) as well as some cassis. Medium-full bodied, all is kept sharp by an acidic backbone. Wow. And in the $20 range to boot. I think 2002 was a good vintage in Mendoza (unlike the horrific rainy 2008 season they had!).
PS Koko found a good malbec link from the NY Times if you want another opinion about this grape....



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