Thursday, June 05, 2008

Burger Fare?

Three anticipated wines to try...with gourmet burgers! Actually, most of the wine was scarfed before the food was ready, so palates were sharp. The best? The Heathfield Ridge, Jennifer, Padthaway Shiraz, 1999 has an explosive, gorgeous nose of rich cedar and creamy blackcurrants. Full bodied, plush, oaky, very soft tannins, blackberry fruit. It's only fault - it fades quite fast. Sneaks in as a "wow" wine. Pricey at $38, so not explosive enough to buy more.
Next were two wines that were were Italian and much more subtle than the Heathfield. The Villa Donoratico, Bolghera, 2004 snatched a "91" from the wine spectator but I rate it less interesting. Subtle nose of blackberries, cherries and baked beans. Medium bodied and silky smooth, some tar, licorice. Very slick, a good wine but not worth the $29.
The Dorigo, Montselapade, 2001 didn't stand much of a chance given the lukewarm reception to the Donoratico. Shy nose again, medium bodied, it was an elegant wine showing a little anise and burnt cherries. Good but also disappointing for $39.
PS: The Italians were better matched to the burgers than the shiraz which is better as a sipper.


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