Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Stuff

Whaddya need after an intense session of chopping firewood? Beer? I don't think so!!! Gimme some Torbreck, Woodcutter's Shiraz, Barossa Valley, 2006. Plums and other dark fruit with hints of with cardammon. This is a big, plush fruit bomb, it warms the mouth with goodness. Jammy. The problem: no complexity at all. Hedonistic I suppose but a little too one dimensional. It's good, but not worth the $26.
How about a little bottle age with one of these fruit driven Aussie jobs? Well, the Wynn's, Coonawarra Estate, Shiraz, 2001 fits the bill. Black, black, black in the glass. Cassis, but restrained, on the nose. Licorice notes. In the mouth, it's dry and tannic...not jammy at this stage in its' development, but there's lots of black fruit left - intense brambles and blackberries. The finish is moderately long. So, it's good, but didn't hit the "wow" factor. Worth the $20 for this vintage. Pity it's the last of 6 bottles I bought....I would like to try it in another couple of years.


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