Sunday, May 04, 2008

Southern Hemisphere

This is kind of unfair, comparing these two wines from the Southern Hemisphere, one from Africa and the other from South America. One trounces the other, but it's unfair because there is a significant price and age difference.
So what, here goes. The South African Graham Beck, Coastal Cellars, Shiraz, 2002 verifies its 5 years in bottle by giving of a musty nose, but when that blows off there is black fruit and oak. Full bodied with smoke, leather, wood and plums it finishes with sweet glycerin. Very smooth tannins. This is good stuff, I thought it was closer to a French Rhone than a typical new world shiraz. Worth the $20.
The Argentinian Rutini, Trumpeter, Malbec 2006 has an awkward nose of pine mixed with berries. The next day it had more of a candy bubblegum nose, not very pleasant. Medium bodied, spicy, raspberry jam (the koko factor: "boring jam"). Pleasant but light tannins add a little bit of structre. The next day, it tasted like a generic light red wine. This is a disappointing vintage, usually the Trumpeter malbec is a good wine. Poor value at $14 a pop.
Next up will have to be an Aussie wine to keep thinks southern...


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See Please Here

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This is great!


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