Monday, October 06, 2008


Stock market crash...looks like the world is coming to an end, huh? So, what to do?...drink more wine, stupid!!! How ironic. Actually, the Life's Strange Twists Wine Co., Irony, Cabernet Sauvignon, NAPA Valley 2004 is affordable for those poor suckers who are now in the poorhouse. It's from NAPA, but reminds me of Bordeaux. Medium bodied with still harsh tannins, this is a muscular not plush style. The fruit is hiding - blackcurrants can be delineated as you swish it around in the mouth. This is a food wine - it would eat up a big fat juicy steak no problem. I like it. Good wine, interesting at $20.
Next up is an offering from the always reliable St. Hallet's winery in Australia. Their Faith, 2004 is bright and focused, kept vibrant by it's acidity. No flab on this one, which actually matched it's consumption site - at the top of Mont 107 in the Foret Ouareau. Good wine, but great hiking wine! About $20.
Last and least, two not very impressive south americans. Twins to boot (fraternal). Little to choose between the two (that's bad condsidering they're completely different grapes) - they are the Trapiche, fut de chene, Malbec 2005 and Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. Aromatically challenged, medium bodied, nice and dry, light blackberries... this is "OK" wine, no reason to drink it at $14 a bottle. The CS is perhaps better than the malbec (less "watered down" tasting).


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