Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Soloist

What a way to drown - in such nectar as this! This poor hornet was so tempted by the incredible nose on this wine that it almost drowned. Don't worry, I rescued the poor soul, he dried off his wings and loopily flew off to tell his buddies in the nest about this strange powerful new food source...
The Coriole, The Soloist, single vineyard shiraz, 2004 is from the McLaren Vale in Australia. It is opaque purple in the glass with a very strong blackberry nose (with a floral lift). This is a dense, full bodied effort made in a luscious style, full of fruit (blueberries are the most predominant flavour). Mmmm. Wow. Not cheap at $30 but worth it.
Check out the sediment left in the last glass...this stuff is obviously not filtered before bottling.

Now, for an update. Thanks to a petite sirah lover who commented on my last post, I have learned that DNA testing has confirmed that this grape is indeed an offspring of syrah, although it's history remains quite contorted. Anyway, kudos to Jo Diaz ( for the update....


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