Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Water Wheelies

Strange name for a winery, but can't fault the product. The Water Wheel Memsie 2007 is a blend of shiraz, cab s., malbec and petit verdot. 4 of my favourite grapes. And the price is right - $14. This must be one of their entry level wines. It gets you a nice dark coloured wine with a plummy, lightly spiced nose. Not surprisingly, it's fruit driven - but primarily the dried type - cherries mixed with figs ("fig newtons" was Koko's input). Medium-full bodied, nice smooth tannins, good length. A good wine and well priced.
A big notch up is the Water Wheel Shiraz, Bendigo, 2005. This one has been sitting quietly for about a year and it's settled down nicely. Strong oaky nose. Medium-full bodied again but this one is more oak driven with plum fruit and dark chocolate. Very nice mouthfeel, I kept going back for more, the wood is well integrated (not chewy at all). A beauty - very good and worth the $20.
Now, time to nit pick. When I read about this next wine (Domaine Cazes, Alter, 2003), I got sucked in by the review and picked up 3 bottles: "concentrated and firmly structured, deep intense flavours of dark plum, cherry, meat and spice. Plenty of sanguine notes on the finish, with stone and smoke. 90 points." Wine Spectator. I was actually excited to try it - but what a disappointment. This is an everyday table wine (not surprisingly, it's from the Cotes du Roussillon, where lots of table wine is made), I'd rate it as "OK" and nothing special. I won't even describe it, it was so uninspiring. I guess I'll leave the other 2 bottles in a dark corner and try them in a few years. $20 and about $15 over-priced.
A short note on a similar priced wine - the Flecha de los Andes, Gran Malbec, Mendoza, 2006 - this is also $20, is full bodied, intense and good. If you see it, it's worth a try.



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