Saturday, January 17, 2009


OK, time for some value. Chilensis must be Chilean for cheap value as this is one of the best $12 wines around (in Canada; that means you can probably get it for well less than 10 bones in the USA). Their 2006 Carmenere Reserve has a strawberry and pomegranate nose. Medium-full bodied with an explosion of red fruits, primarily redcurrents and dried montmorency cherries (i scarfed a few to confirm...). Silky texture. Nice finish for a cheapo wine. Good stuff, I usually buy a bunch as this wine is consistently reliable vintage to vintage.
Liberty School is Treana's bargain label. Their cab has tailed off recently so I thought I'd try the 2005 Syrah which is labelled "California" but actually comes from Paso Robles. Well this is much better than their cab. Black in the glass, initially beefy but this blows off to fieldberry jam. Plush and rich as it initially fills your mouth...feels like this could be a "wow" wine....but no, it starts to fade fast. It is still really fruit driven and definitely interesting for the price ($18 up here). Good wine.


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