Sunday, February 01, 2009

Number Ten

Wine Spectator's "Top 100" list for 2008 came out recently, so when I saw number 10 on the shelves of the BC wine store, I couldn't resist. It was a little over-priced at $35 as the suggested retail was $24USD and it can be had for $19 south of the border. Oh well, gotta pay the BC government the booze taxes to support their medical system... (which in my experience is woefully incompetent, but that's another story).
Okay, so the wine in question is the Seghesio, Sonoma County, Zinfandel, 2007. In the glass it's "see-through", not opaque as I expected. Lean black cherries on the nose (translation: not very aromatic) it is neither jammy nor full blown on the palate; a somewhat restrained zin. But, elegant it isn't. Medium-full bodied, creamy, smooth, very drinkable. The fruit is blackcurrant but there is a tobacco undercurrent. I was surprised to read 15.5% alcohol on the label, it carries the weight well. Long finish. All in all, a "good" wine, but didn't have the "wow" factor for any of the tasters. Not worth $35.
OK, next was an interesting wine. It comes from probably the furthest north winery in the USA, at least on the west coast. In Washington state, about 10 miles south of the Canadian border and due west of the volcanic Mount Baker is the Mount Baker Vineyards and Winery. Their Syrah 2004, Barrel Select, is however sourced from the more southerly Yakima Valley. Nice dark wine with rich plummy nose. Initially tannic, lean and austere, but with nice plum fruit, it needed Rod's famous ribs to smooth it out. What a good rib wine it turned out to be! A good wine, with the price about right ($15 USD). Time to visit the winery for a tasting, I think!!
Oh, and this is what Mt. Baker actually looks like (with J.L. as the model!):



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