Thursday, June 04, 2009


If Chile and Argentina can do it, why not Uruguay? Never had a Uruguayan (is that spelled correctly??) Merlot before, so snapped this one up when I saw it. The Pisano, Rio de los Pajaros, Reserve, Merlot, 2007 is a nice dark wine, but unfortunately not very exciting. Really closed nose. As for the palate, the word that comes to mind is "flat". It is austere and dense, but not very flavourful - maybe some hard blackberry candy (but not sweet) - and has absolutely NO finish. Got a touch better with time meaning maybe it needs laying down... Judging it now, it's dense and perhaps has potential, but is not very pleasant to drink, I would rate it as an "average" wine. Overpriced at $16.
I had high hopes for the Montes Alpha, Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 as I really like a lot of their other wines. This one is not a typical "big" wine from Montes. Dark colour and a red berry nose. Medium full bodied, a little lean, raspberry/blueberry fruit, a little licorice on the back end. Good length. A "good" wine, but in the end pretty generic cabernet sauvignon. Nowhere near as good as their syrah.
I'd have to say not worth the $20.

The Edmeades, Zinfandel, Mendocino county, 2006 is an interesting wine from 50 year old vines. Spicy nose. Flowery, a little sweet, thick, tangy, with a slight alcohol mouth burn (it's 15.5% ethanol). Medium bodied, dried cherries and candy, no oak evident. Tasty but made for Joe Public. Not worth the $22.

Hey there's hope yet.....keep tasting....


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