Thursday, February 21, 2008

Deep Freeze

What's that vino doing in the freezer, you ask? I learned this little trick a while ago, although it went against my intuition. They tell us that you've got to store wine at a constant temperature in order to let it age gracefully without spoiling. However, what we're doing here is just keeping it the way it was for a few days or weeks in stasis....this is great if you are only having a glass or two and won't drink the rest for a while. And it works, it's as good as it was when you re-cork it and stick it in the freezer! To revive it, just bathe it in lukewarm water for half an hour or so - bingo, ready to drink.
Tonight's wine has one of those silly labeling-marketing statements on it's label..."winemaker's choice". Well, if I was a winemaker, I'd want to put this moniker on a better juice. The Vina Casablanca, El Bosque, Winemaker's choice, Syrah, 2005 has a shy nose followed by a medium bodied spicy, bright wine with blackcurrants mixed with bit of beefiness. Nothing wrong with it, but it's a somewhat lightweight syrah, rating just "OK". Not worth the $16.



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